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Keeping You On Track To Help You Win

Connect with skilled coaches that understand your unique challenges and work to create a plan to guide you to your ultimate breakthrough

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Scott King

Scott King

Scott King is the Founder and CEO of The Breakthrough Hub. His passion is to develop leaders, maximize their potential as individuals, and transform their respective organizations. Scott brings 30+ years of entrepreneurship to his thriving coaching practice. From sales and trades to franchises and financial services, his real experience produces real results. Scott carries the heart of a mentor into every encounter, believing great things happen in the company of others. With wisdom and insight, he navigates his Hub to inspire breakthrough and growth. Scott and his wife/co-founder Camille live outside of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada with their four kids and two dogs. He enjoys connecting with his family, an early morning round of golf, and the good old hockey game.

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Clayton Stenson Image

Clayton Stenson

Clayton Stenson

Clayton has over a decade of experience in organizational leadership and business system implementation. He works with business owners to establish habits, systems, leadership, and strong financial management skills. Clayton is passionate about harnessing a mindset advantage. He guides his clients to prosper in every area of life while developing their business to succeed. Clayton enjoys exploring the world with his wife and their three young boys. An avid runner, Clayton has completed seven half-marathons, one marathon and is currently training for more.

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Shangeeta Prasad

Shangeeta Prasad

Shan has over 15 years of experience in leadership, mentorship, and high-end restaurant ownership. Throughout her career, she has helped hundreds of leaders find their confidence and their true self-worth. She has supported and motivated many entrepreneurs to start and grow their own businesses. She helps you answer the question, “where in my life do I hold myself back?”  She will then work with you to develop habits and routines to achieve your breakthrough in any area of your life or business. Shan is a free spirit; she loves to laugh, has a passion for vegan recipes and natural herbal remedies.

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The power of the Hub

Shelby Varughese image
I was feeling stuck in some of my habits, therefore when approached about participating in the Breakthrough Hub. I grabbed the opportunity. My expectations were exceeded as I allowed myself to fully show up, participate and be held accountable. I saw exponential growth over the four weeks and made some lasting connections!

Shelby Varughese

Founding Partner – Monogram HR Consulting

Sharmaine Moneteith image
Finding my hidden entrepreneur and confidence begins with The Breakthrough Hub. I could not believe my good fortune to belong to something that was able to aid me in such a truly effective way. I am in my 6th Breakthrough Hub and have gone from being uncertain of who I am as an entrepreneur to a confident and calm leader.

Sharmaine Moneteith


Jason Hofley image
By reviewing a book and key topic with a great coach and other like-minded individuals from different experiences and industries, I gleaned new perspectives and insights into the topic that I wouldn’t have had from studying on my own. The Breakthrough Hub approach is invaluable for those looking for professional or personal growth

Jason Hofley

Manager, Business Development – Output