The Integrator Catalyst Intensive

“By Far The Best Investment You Can Make Is In Yourself.” This May Be The Most Valuable Of All Lessons From The Oracle Of Omaha – Warren Buffett

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Module 1 – Creating Culture Study principles that will improve overall performance and maximize the potential in the team. Learn to develop a company culture that has all team members rowing in the same direction. Module 2 – Management & Leadership Learn the difference between leadership and management and why they’re equally important. Learn the five leadership practices and five management practices of all great bosses. How to deal with direct reports that don’t meet your expectations. Module 3 – Visionary/Integrator Unity Participants will learn how to build trust and clearly communicate with a visionary. Participants will learn how the visionary & integrator are uniquely designed to work together. Participants will learn how to overcome the challenges that these two people face when working together. Module 4 – Delegation Participants will learn how to properly delegate to others. Learn how to identify and activate the gifts of others to accomplish the company vision.
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20 weekly zoom meetings with like minded integrators (second in commands) in companies. Learn how to leverage the gifts and abilities you have to help your visionary to build a great business.

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