BREAKTHROUGH LEADERSHIP (Custom for your team)

“By Far The Best Investment You Can Make Is In Yourself.” This May Be The Most Valuable Of All Lessons From The Oracle Of Omaha – Warren Buffett

Experience Immediate Impact

How would your business and daily activities change if you could rely on your leadership team to make decisions without asking you for the answers? How much more productive could your team be if your leadership team felt comfortable in taking ownership of their responsibilities? How much would your workplace culture change if your leaders were capable of making positive influences on your entire team? Allow us to work with your leadership team and develop their skills to the level needed to increase productivity. Your team will learn skills that will assist them in difficult conversations and create the consistency needed to grow your business.
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What to Expect:

Meeting virtually for a focused one hour per week for twenty-five weeks, you will: – Experience tangible personal growth – Achieve a specific breakthrough – Build new systems – Thrive in a community of like-minded professionals – Be mentored by the world’s best coaches The Hub lays the foundations for success, taking you from where you are to where you want to be in business and in life.

The power of the Hub

Meet Your Coach

The Breakthrough Hub® attracts the world’s best coaches.

Our coaches are passionate, innovative, and are fully invested in your success.
Every one of our coaches were selected with your breakthrough in mind.
Book a meeting with one of our coaches to find the best fit for you.

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Shangeeta Prasad
Shan has over 15 years of experience in leadership, mentorship, and high-end restaurant ownership. Throughout her career, she has helped hundreds of leaders find their confidence and true self-worth.

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